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Pressurized Elastic Knee Pad

Pressurized Elastic Knee Pad

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Pressurized Elastic Sport Knee Pads



Three-dimensional weaving technology, high flexibility, good ventilation, wearing a more comfortable fit;

Pressure belt design, adjustable, more fit parts;

Suitable for a variety of fitness exercises.

Prevention or rehabilitation after injury, all kinds of fitness exercise.

Full range of flexibility provides a more fit and more comfortable support on the knee.

Keeps the knee warm and appropriate, to relieve the pain of chronic arthritis.

High elasticity provides a more fit and more comfortable support for the knee.

Keep your knees warm and relieve the pain of chronic arthritis.

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S--  Upper width 15cm, Lower width 13cm, length 27.5cm

Recommended leg  circumference 30-35 cm, Suit for weight: 50-60KG

M--  Upper width 16cm, Lower width 14cm, length 27.5cm

Recommended leg  circumference 35-37 cm, Suit for weight: 60-70KG

L--    Upper width 17cm, Lower width 15cm, length 27.5cm

Recommended leg  circumference 38-41 cm, Suit for weight: 70-80KG

XL--   Upper width 18cm, Lower width 16cm, length 27.5cm

Recommended leg  circumference 41-50 cm, Suit for weight: 80-90KG

XXL-- Upper width 19cm, Lower width 17cm, length 27.5cm

Recommended leg  circumference 50-60 cm, Suit for weight: 90-100KG

XXXL--Upper width 19cm, Lower width 17cm, length 27.5cm

Recommended leg  circumference 54-65 cm, Suit for weight: 100-120KG

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